with 110.341 VOTES ! 


In the seventh census promoted by FAI (Italian Fund for the Environment)

Praised be you, o my Lord, for our sister mother Providence!


Thank you, thank you, thanks to all of you! 

18th February, 2015
Today the sun is shining at Monterosso as a sign of blessing
and for the explosion of joy and enthusiasm from all her supporters, near and far!


At midday FAI, the Italian Fund for the Environment, 
proclaimed the classification of the winners of the census "Places in the Heart 2014"




The first emotion and the first words that spring from our heart are of deep and touched gratitude for all those who believed in us, supported us, and who, thanks to their passion and determination, tenaciously helped to spread the word to get votes.


VOTE for the Convent of the Capuchin Friars at Monterosso al Mare !

You can give us a big hand with your vote !



In May, 2014, the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano/Italian Fund for the Environment) began a campaign for the indications of "Places in the heart" you love and want to be taken care of.

FAI will consider all the places that receive at least 1000 votes. It’s no easy task to climb the charts because so many places are passionately participating in the campaign for votes. That’s why we especially need your help and the help of those around you.


Go to the "Convento di Monterosso" page on the "Luoghi del Cuore" website. On the right, you will find the Vote button. All you have to do is click on the line that says "Non sei ancora registrato" ("You’re not registered yet") and type in your email address and a password, and then you can vote ! Or you can access the campaign and vote directly from your facebook account !


Print several copies of this form (black and white is fine!) and ask everyone you know to vote: friends, family members, colleagues … . They have to give their email address or a postal address. No commitment is involved for the person who votes, but it’s very, very important for the Convent in order to climb the charts. Ask those who voted to pass along the forms to others they know to establish a real chain of solidarity !


You can send the completed forms to the Monterosso Convent or write us to find an alternative solution. There’s time until September to fill in the forms: unleash your imagination and try to reach as many people as possible.

Our heartfelt thanks for what you can do for us !